The 5 signs you’ve got a good real estate agent

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We all know the way it goes: long-winded sales pitch, over-the-top smiling, and words that you’re actually not really sure you can trust. Salespeople, by nature, know exactly how to turn something difficult to sale, into something desirable. That’s why it can be tricky business selecting a real estate agent that’s honest, genuine and able to still do the job efficiently and smoothly. Fortunately, there are a few handy traits to look out for in a good agent, ones you can use as criteria for discovering who is able to take on your property to the right extent.

1. Communication is key

All good salespeople should be able to communicate. Unfortunately, most of them just know how to talk at people, not with people. When selling, renting or managing a property, it’s stressful enough without the added pressure of finding someone who is honestly able to help you in an authentic way.  Good agents know how to communicate efficiently by being clear in what they say and repeating what you have said to make sure they understood your view. You know at the end of the conversation they understood you and you are clear on how they will proceed next.

2. They have done their research

A professional agent will meet you with the knowledge of recently sold or rented similar properties. They will know to which market your property will appeal to. They know the latest on what is happening or will happen in the near future in your area for example new parking restrictions, new construction or a new bus line .

3. They are prepared

A good agent will meet you at your property and will have all the paperwork ready. No fiddling with many forms. They have arrived prepared , with each documentation being shown as if they appeared magically. It makes the whole meeting a smooth one. It is a bit unfair for the newbies because that calm, easy presentation actually takes a lot of practice.

4. They are in it for the clients

Agents that are actually doing their job to help people, rather than just earn commission, are the key difference to good and bad professionals. They are the ones that exceed expectations and go that one step further, every time. They are also the ones that land more sales because of it. They are available at all times and can be reached easily. If they miss a call from you they will ring you back very quickly and they check their emails regularly through the day. You are never left hanging for days to wait for their reply.

5. They have references handy

If they are actually genuine about their job and know they are good at it too, these agents will be more than happy to dish out a list of their most recent clients without hesitating. They know they have got good words going for them.

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