Rental applications: the ultimate guide

With the current rental market, it goes without saying that securing that perfect property gets harder by the minute. We have put together a guide to take you through the best way to go about putting together that winning application, placing you on the top of the pile when it comes to narrowing down potential tenants.

Honesty is key

Dishonesty is transparent and will certainly not help your chances in securing a rental. With the slightest of research, dishonesty in your application will be obvious and your chances with not only the given property, but also with the agent listing the property, will be jeopardised.

A cover letter goes a long way

A cover letter is the perfect platform for you to formally introduce yourself to the landlord, providing details about yourself and expressing why you would like to secure the property. A succinct and well-worded cover letter will guarantee that you make an instant and lasting impression.

Financial stability

A great way of demonstrating that you have the ability to meet rental payments in a timely manner is by showing that you have a regular income. One of the key items that a landlord looks for is stability in a tenant. Attach documentation proving income (bank statements) as well as regular wages and pay cheques. Remember that a landlord wants hassle-free tenants who are able to make rental payments in a timely manner. If you can demonstrate your ability to meet these criteria, you considerably increase your chances of securing the property.

The endorsement of references

This is a big one. If you have a past landlord or property owner who can vouch for you and write you a glowing reference letter, you will automatically be at the top of the queue. Ensure you include both a reference letter from a previous landlord as well as one from a current employer. Nothing looks better in a rental application than a previous landlord stating that you as a tenant looked after their property as if it was your own.


It is often important to be quick when filling the tenancy application from the real estate agency and gathering the required ID photocopies.  So be prepared by photocopying your passport, driver licence, a recent bank statement, medicare card, car registration document… Do it before viewing properties so you can act rapidly if you wish to apply for  the rental.

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