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Real estate agents help home staging your property

You’ve made the big decision – sell, sell, sell! The property you’ve spent years living in as a family home or have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours doing up as an investment is ready for the real estate market.

This is where the knowledge and experience of a qualified real estate agent comes to the fore. Not only can they help with listing your property for sale and taking care of all of the paperwork and hassle, they also know how to sell it.

One of the most crucial aspects of successfully selling a property is what’s known as home staging – getting the space ready for potential buyers to physically inspect.

Real estate agents have market knowledge

Real estate agents know what sells and what doesn’t for real estate in Australia. In the lead-up to a home open event, their expertise will be invaluable in identifying areas of the property that need a total overhaul, cleaning or some simple improvements.

If your garden looks tired, they can help arrange landscaping, and if your home is cluttered, they help arrange storage for your stuff, ensuring the inside is neat and tidy when buyers arrive.

Real estate agents help avoid the clichés

Bread baking in the oven. Scented candles burning around a just-filled bath sprinkled with rose petals. A dining room table gleaming with silver cutlery and the good china.

Many homeowners put on these little tricks to make their properties shine – but these days putting on too much of an effort is seen as cliché. A real estate agent will help ensure the house is clean, presentable and attractive without resorting to cheap tricks.

Real estate agents take the stress out of home staging

A home listed for sale at a million dollars that looks like a dump will not attract offers anywhere near the asking price. But by working closely with a real estate agent, you can make sure that your home staging effort showcases your property perfectly – and it could even add a few extra dollars to the price.

By having someone with broad experience in home staging, you will be able to open your front door to buyers with confidence, knowing you’ve done everything you possibly could to present your home in the best light.

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