rental property in tip top shape

Keeping a rental property in tip-top shape

So you’ve found the perfect rental property? Congratulations!

Many people choose to rent over buying for a variety of reasons. While some find it easier financially, others prefer the freedom of being able to move about once their lease is up.

When you buy a property you are free to do what you wish with it; however, one of the only downsides to renting is that you don’t have this freedom and must be prepared for yearly inspections from your agent or landlord.

Here are a few tips to help you keep your rental home in perfect condition and avoid any conflict with your landlord or lease agreement:

1. Sweep, scrub and clean regularly

It sounds like a no-brainer for most people but for some tenants, a deep-clean only occurs when they have had warning of an impending yearly inspection by the agent or landlord. Periodically, borrow a steam cleaner from someone you know (especially if you are moving out – this is generally a requirement of an end-of-lease clean). Even if you aren’t moving out, a good carpet clean can freshen up your entire home. Clean walls regularly- cooking and other fumes can leave walls dirty. An excellent DIY all-purpose cleaner can be made in a flash with a bowl of hot water, a splash of white vinegar and a couple of spoonfuls of baking powder. It’s also non-toxic and pet and child friendly.

Probably the most important tip in regards to maintaining your rental property is to never hammer hooks or nails into your walls! Report any previous wall damage on your initial condition report that you submit to your agent or landlord upon moving in so that previous tenants doing this won’t come back to bite you later. There are many adhesive options at your local hardware store that won’t leave any marks on your rental property.

2. Avoid smoking inside

This is especially important if you live in a flat or apartment complex, where your proximity to your neighbours is much closer. Many rental properties these days stipulate no smoking inside on their lease, as walls and ceilings can become discoloured and carpets and curtains smelly. Find an outdoor area if there isn’t already one, where you aren’t upsetting anyone or causing property damage.

3. Deal with rental maintenance issues as they arise

A leaking toilet or shower head, broken boiler or malfunctioning stove can all be frustrating to have to deal with – especially when it isn’t your home or responsibility to fix them. Don’t leave concerns like these until a later date to fix. A leaking tap or broken shower head may seem like small changes that can be dealt with next week, but the amount of water this will not only waste but cost you on your next bill could be tremendous.


Enjoy your new home!

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