sell your property- get the sale contract

How to prepare to sell your property

Unfortunately, to sell your property you have to do more than putting a ‘For Sale’ sign in your front yard and waiting for the buyer to walk through the door. To help you through the process of selling your home for the first time, we’ve come up with some handy steps to guide you.

Step one: make the decision to sell

The first step is deciding the best time to sell your property. Is the market a good seller’s market? Should you buy a home before or after the sale and will this affect the sale at all?

Step two: choose a real estate agent

You want to choose an estate agent that is perfect for you, so consider this step wisely and carefully. You want someone who is going to advertise, show off and complete the sale of your home perfectly. You want to know as much as possible.  AgentFinder at can help you get detailed information on real estate agents in your area.  From their recent sales and commission to their method of selling and type of agency.

Step three: decide on the selling process

The next step to sell your property is to decide with your agent how your home should be listed, shown and sold. Determine how much your house should be sold for by getting it appraised and consider its location, size, features and condition. Your estate agent should be able to give you a suburb report and help you with your price estimate.

Step four: legalise the sale

You need to now sign an agreement with your estate agent. Through this contract the commission and sale price will be outlined, as well as how much is to be spent on the sales process and how the sell of your property will be undertaken.

You must also get a Vendor’s Statement and a Contract of Sale which your solicitor or conveyancer can provide you with. These documents will have all of the details of your home listed for the potential buyers to take home.

Step five: prepare your home

Next comes the preparation for sale process, which includes taking photos of your home, getting floor plans drawn and getting your estate agent to help you write ads. You need to ensure your home looks its best for the photos and in preparation for any visits by potential buyers, which will be organised through the estate agent.

Step six: negotiating a sale

The exciting part of negotiating a sale, either through an auction or from an offer, comes next. The buyer and the seller need to agree on a price and this will be mediated through the real estate agent. The buyer will put down their deposit and the contracts can be drawn up for the sale.

Step seven: settlement day

Congratulations! You’ve now sold your home and you can hand over the keys and legal rights to the buyer to receive the bank payment from the sale.

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