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The five signs you’ve got a good real estate agent

We all know the way it goes with a real estate agent: long-winded sales pitch, over-the-top smiling, and words that you’re actually not really sure you can trust. Salesmen, by nature, know exactly how to turn something not-so-sellable, into something that’s a hot grab to get a hold of. That’s why it can be tricky business selecting a good real estate agent that’s honest, genuine and able to still do the job efficiently and smoothly, without spending the big bucks to do so. Fortunately, there are a few handy traits to look out for in a good real estate agent, ones you can use as criteria for discovering who’s able to take on your property to the right extent.

1. Communication is key

All good salesmen should be able to communicate. Unfortunately, most of them just know how to talk at people, not with people. When selling or buying a property, it’s stressful enough without the added pressure of finding someone who is honestly able to help you in an authentic way. In an industry that’s extremely time-sensitive, this becomes even more critical. Good agents know how to communicate with both buyers and sellers, and can guide each client through the process with ease.

2. They take on a proactive approach

Like any sales position, chasing leads is a primary part of the job. Good agents are able to track these potential sales, communicate with both buyers and sellers and actively seek feedback. You should not have to chase a real estate agent to get a report on open house , inspections or other important days in the selling of your property.  They’re simply proactive in all walks of their job. You should have their mobile number .  They should answer their calls or phone you back within the day.

3. They’re good listeners

It doesn’t pay to watch clients talk without actually taking on board what they’re saying. Knowing what is being said and how to find a resolution is a top quality of a great real estate agent. They’re able to consider special requests and considerations and actually listen to what buyers and sellers are after. Watch a real estate who keeps notes of your questions.  How do you feel after meeting the agent, have you felt understood or did you get lost in hearing too much of the agent’s words?

4. They’re in it for the clients

Agents that are actually doing their job to help people, rather than just earn commission, are the key difference to good and bad professionals. They’re the ones that exceed expectations and go that one step further, every time. They’re also the ones that land more sales because of it. They are legally bound to a fiduciary relationships but this duty can be done in a clinical, practical way or with a caring , understanding approach.

5. They’ve got references handy

If they’re actually genuine about their job and know they’re good at it too, these agents will be more than happy to dish out a list of their most recent clients (without hesitating). They know they’ve got good word going for them, and they’re not afraid to use it – with good reason.

All the above can be perceived when selecting your real estate agent.  For any help  contact AgentFinder .

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