FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Why should i use AgentFinder to find and agent ?

To save you time and annoyance.  As a property owner when you contact agents to ask some information you will likely need to give your full address and you will see agents coming at your front door.  Some would insist in performing a full listing presentation for you.  Very frustrating  if all you needed to know was some information before meeting them. So we get the data  for you from almost all  agents in your area and report our findings to you.

You are  free to use AgentFinder as a first screening of agents before meeting them or you are free to choose straight away the agent to sell, rent or manage your property.

Why AgentFinder rather than other agents referral companies?

We don’t require real estate agents to be registered with us to send you their details. We feel we couldn’t claim to be truly independent from real estate agencies if we only search agents within our database. While doing so  would make our job easier since a computer system could do it, we prefer to stay truly independent and to search agents in a wider net.  Since we don’t let a software performing the search for us the list of agents we send you is personalised to you. You can ask a specific question to agents.

Not asking agents to be registered with us enable agents to adjust their commission according to the property details or according to the number of listings they already manage. An agent with fewer listings in one particular month is more willing to lower his/her commission during this month.

AgentFinder ‘s referral fee (to be paid by the agent) is kept low so more agents  are willing to work with us.

How can you offer a free service? Do you have any hidden fees?

There are no fees to you.  We request a low referral fee once your property is sold, rented or managed by the agent you contracted if he/she was introduced to you by us. It is a fee agents pay for the lead they have received from us. You can check our terms and conditions to see those fees.

How many agents’ profiles do you send me?

It depends on the area the property to be sold is located and it depends on the property. In busy, competitive areas and for a high end property we can receive over 30 profiles. We have noticed the more profiles we send the more difficult it can be  for you to make a choice so we like to send you a maximum of 15 profiles.  We send you the first 15 profiles we have received in the order they have been received.  However on each report you will be told how many we were received in total.  If you wish to see them all you can let us know by emailing us at contact@agentfinderservices.com.au

Unfortunately in rural areas we get very few agent’s profiles, but we always try our best wherever your location.

How many agents can i choose from your list ?

We let you select up to 3 agents. While their profile may suit you we know their personality matters to you so we want you to have a choice.

Why don’t you give me all the names and contact details of agents? Why can i only select 3  agents?

Real estate agents can be very competitive with each other.  We don’t want our service to be used by agents to find out the current commission of all their competitors.  To see them all we need proof you are a property owner in search of a real estate agents.

What if the  agents i have chosen to meet don’t suit me ?

We encourage you to contact us to define more precisely the agent you are looking for.  Because we don’t only use our database but actively search agents in your area, we can fit our search to fit your requirements.

But why would i need to provide a proof  of identity and a proof of address if i wish to get information on more  agents?

As mentioned above we don’t want our service to be used by people who are not genuinely searching for a real estate agent.  Remember at this stage we have already worked to provide you with a list of agents but  we have received no financial reward and won’t receive any until the agent who sells, rent or manage your property is an agent introduced to you by us.

Does it means agents are quoting a higher commission to recover AgentFinder’ referral fees?

We highly discourage the practice.  Any knowledge of it will cease any further contacts with the offending agent.  If you have not yet signed an agency agreement we will let you know his/her/their commission has been deliberately set higher and would recommend not to sign a contract with him/her.

How can you demand such low referral fees from the agents ?

Very simply we have no shiny office and we don’t rely on expensive software. Our staff personally prepare the report on agents’ profiles.  We have not developed  an expensive software to do the work for us.  Our list of agents we send you is customised to you  while being at a lower cost. We prefer to stay small and offer a better service.

We also made the decision to not use an expensive marketing strategy to keep our costs low.  While it takes longer for agents to know us, they are quick to realise that our service is the cheapest, we are fair in our dealings and respectful of the work they do.

The advantages of a low referral fee means more agents are willing to quote us their commission and even lower it just for us.  They are not led to mark up their commission to recover the referral fee they pay us.

What if i don’t select any agent from your report?

As we have worked a few days with no assurance of a financial gain , if we don’t receive your selection after a week of sending us our report, we will send your contact details to the 3 agents we believe fit your requirements the best.

If you don’t want your contact details to be passed on at anytime then you can pay a fee for our service.  In this case  agents will not pay us a referral fee for the lead we provided them.

Ok , i want you to send me some agents’ profiles in my area.  What should i do?

Simple,  fill and submit our enquiry form.

Within 3 days you will receive a list of agent’s profiles.

If you wish to meet some agents  we will give you their details.

What happens when i meet the agent?  Do i need to sign an agency agreement ?

AgentFinder is not involved in any stage of the selling, renting or managing process.  You do as you wish.  You are still free to not sign an agreement.

If you decide to sign with an agent introduced by Agentfinder,  make sure all information given to you by us are confirmed by the agent. We have no power legally or otherwise to annulled, cancel or modify a signed agency agreement or any other contract signed with an agency.

The commission should not be higher than the one quoted by AgentFinder.  Any discrepancy between what we told you of an agent and what the agent say when meeting him/her should be seen as suspicious and be disclosed to us. We highly advise you not to sign anything with the agent if there is any inaccuracy.

I am an agent, can you guarantee you will always notify me when a property for sale, rent or manage comes up in my area?

To guarantee to be always notified you need to send a registration form.  You can ask for one by contacting us at contact@agentfinderservices.com.au or just fill our contact form.