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Keeping a rental property in tip-top shape

So you’ve found the perfect rental property? Congratulations! Many people choose to rent over buying for a variety of reasons. While some find it easier financially, others prefer the freedom of being able to move about once their lease is up. When you buy a property you are free to do what you wish with […]

Little fact on Real Estate agents in Victoria -Australia

Did you know that  13,903 people listed themselves as Real Estate agents in Victoria or working in real estate in the last census? This figure was the reported figure according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ (ABS) last census data. But the the number of Real Estate agents in Victoria includes people who are indeed […]

The five signs you’ve got a good real estate agent

We all know the way it goes with a real estate agent: long-winded sales pitch, over-the-top smiling, and words that you’re actually not really sure you can trust. Salesmen, by nature, know exactly how to turn something not-so-sellable, into something that’s a hot grab to get a hold of. That’s why it can be tricky […]

Simple ways to increase your property’s value

No matter which way you look at it, property is a big investment. Whether you are renovating, renting or looking to sell you want to make a reasonable return on your property. So here are some simple ways you can increase your property’s value. Patch up and paint Whether you are renovating, renting or looking […]

Rental applications: the ultimate guide

With the current rental market, it goes without saying that securing that perfect property gets harder by the minute. We have put together a guide to take you through the best way to go about putting together that winning application, placing you on the top of the pile when it comes to narrowing down potential […]

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Boost your property’s curb appeal for potential buyers or tenants

Curb appeal refers to the overall appearance of your property from the street. In particular how a property appeals to potential buyers. This includes the property’s age, condition and design, as well as the front garden or yard that faces the street. Often potential buyers will physically or virtually drive-by a property in order to […]

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Renting – keys to build a good rapport with your real estate agent

Building a good relationship with your new real estate agent can be difficult when you are renting. Often they are busy and, as a tenant, you feel that they aren’t getting back to you on matters that you feel need addressing urgently. A cracked pipe, a leaking toilet or malfunctioning air-conditioning in the peak of […]

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Real estate agents help home staging your property

You’ve made the big decision – sell, sell, sell! The property you’ve spent years living in as a family home or have spent thousands of dollars and countless hours doing up as an investment is ready for the real estate market. This is where the knowledge and experience of a qualified real estate agent comes […]

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